Cortisone injections - W9030


Initial Consultation (Code:20300) £200

Follow-Up Consultations (Code:20310) (scan results and/or injection) £140 

MRI (if required) £350 

Doctors Fee for Ultrasound-guided injection (Code:W9030) £117

Hospital Fee £300-400 (separate and additional to doctors fees) 

Dr Creaney will see you for a consultation during which he will take down a history of your symptoms, and perform a medical examination. He will write a letter to you and your GP.

Please dress appropriately to be examined, or bring a change of clothes (shorts/T-shirt etc). An X-ray, Ultrasound or MRI scan may be required to make a diagnosis. This can sometimes be done on the same day, but not always. It depends how busy the scanner is on the day. 

If appropriate, a cortisone injection can be administered using Ultrasound or X-ray guidance. This is usually not possible to do on the same visit. You will need to obtain authorisation for the procedure from your insurer, or you may be self-paying. It is not advisable to drive yourself home afterwards, so it is better to bring a driver. 

Cortisone is not always the best option. Sometimes Dr Creaney will recommend Ostenil or PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), depending on the diagnosis. Sometimes an injection is not required, and you might need physiotherapy or surgery. 

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